Vote with your Dollar

Vote with your Dollar

The idea of voting with your dollar is spending your money on brands whose practices align with your values and issues that are important to you. Each time you purchase something, mindfully thinking about how each dollar spent is effecting our economy, the planet, and yourself, you are voting with your money. You give more value on things you purchase when you know it’s supporting things that are worth it. Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra dollars with these things in mind, makes us rightfully feel better about spending money because quality matters over convenience.

If you wanted to show you are an ally, you would support businesses owned by POC and Queer people. If you are overwhelmed by climate change, you could buy items without plastic or vegan products to lower your eco footprint. If you want to change income inequality, you can shop locally instead of going on Amazon. These are all ways to vote with your dollar. You can also donate to charities and non-profits that matter to you or simply support small businesses that think about all of these things. 

That is what I am trying to do with my two latest collections. Vote with your dollar and mine. The collections Save Our Waves and For Love of National Parks both aim to think about our eco footprint. Everything made in the collections are thought out for sustainability focusing on organic, reusable, non-plastic products. Also, 10% of the proceeds from every product sold goes to a charity representing that product. If you buy a reusable tote bag from the Save Our Waves Collection, 10% of the sales goes to Sea Shepherd, who doubles your donation. They are a non-profit focusing on marine conservation and engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife. If you buy an organic shirt from the National Parks Collection, 10% of the proceeds go to the National Park(s) you buy. 

This is a way to work together within my community. I am holding myself accountable and giving you a chance to vote with your dollar by supporting a small, queer owned business who thinks about their eco footprint through products and campaigns. 

Check out the Collections: 

Save Our Waves

Love of National Parks

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