About the Artist

Rachel Alexis Zimmerman, a multidisciplinary artist and designer, grew up in both New Jersey and Arizona. Developing as a person and as an artist in these two vastly different parts of the country gave Rachel a unique perspective on life, landscape and culture.

Rachel's experiences have influenced her work and choices as an artist and storyteller. She has earned two degrees and over 15 years of professional experience in Theatre Lighting & Scenic Design. Rachel’s fascination with light started at an early age, whether it was morning light sliding through blinds or a speckled canopy of trees, light played a major role within memory and understanding of the world around her.

Artist’s Statement:

"Originally from New Jersey, I grew up both in the Garden State, as well as the the desert landscape of Arizona. Experiencing my developmental years on both sides of the country helped shape my perspective and guide me on my winding journey. I have lived all over the country, including Las Vegas, Seattle, New York. Today I live in of Portland, Oregon with my incredible wife, Rui. 

In my own estimation of the artwork I produce, my artistic process originates on my hikes and in my dreams. My hikes reveal the magic of the world around me and strengthens my connection to light and earth.  My dreams, a mix of surrealistic possibility and nightmarish fantasy, give me an insight to myself and ideas I somehow withhold from my own mind while awake. 

My artwork represents the intersection of my passions for nature and culture, and my dedication to activism for social change and equality through image storytelling. Since the pandemic started, I set a goal and stuck to it; to make e a new artwork every single day. I post my new content on my instagram daily and continue to challenge and expand myself as an artist through the creative projects with my clients."

Rachel posts new artwork every day. You can follow her work on her Instagram @raz_design_studio