Falling in Love with Light

Falling in Love with Light

By Rachel A. Zimmerman 

Greetings, fellow lovers of light and adventure seekers!

Allow me to whisk you away into a whimsical tale, one of a lifelong romance with none other than the enchanting dance of light itself. My journey with light reads like a symphony, woven with layers of fascination and heartfelt devotion.

Imagine this: I’m a wide-eyed explorer in the woods, accompanied by none other than my dad – a duo on a quest to decode the secrets of nature's green canopy. The trees swayed in harmonious choreography, a vibrant spectacle set to the soothing lullaby of winds and bird songs. It was here, amid this natural marvel, that my affair with light was ignited for the first time, painting the canvas of my memory with strokes of awe.

But oh, the saga doesn't end there! Flash forward to Shabbat gatherings, where my mom and brother became the bearers of illuminating traditions. Melodic chants reverberated, prayers sang through my lips, and candles danced to life under the tender touch of my mother's hands. As I covered my eyes, peeking occasionally, I caught glimpses of luminous warmth bouncing off their faces. In those fleeting moments, I felt nostalgia's embrace and realized the potent intimacy of light.

Fast track to my days at Scottsdale Community College, where an extraordinary designer and friend named Daniel swept me into a realm of theatrical illumination. Suddenly, I was no longer a spectator but a painter, crafting emotions with radiant strokes on the stage's canvas. Focusing an instrument became an act of love and care, a reverent gesture to the intangible art that breathed life into every show. It was a revelation – how light wove mood and tone, transforming overlooked elements into something profoundly cherished. I got my Associate in Fine Arts degree and move to the US city of lights, Vegas.

At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) I get my Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Lighting Design where I learned how to paint with even more tools on different stages and met just as many amazing people.

And let's not mince words – light? It's pure magic. It's that clandestine language whispered by the universe itself, a fleeting secret shared only with those who dare to observe. Whenever I encounter light, it's as though I'm stealing a moment with the cosmos, privy to its innermost enigma.

When I translate my artistic vision onto the canvas, light is my muse, my confidant, my friend, my heart's deepest yearning. Light shines and shadows form, and shadow is just as beautiful as light. Each stroke I paint, each hue I cast, each shadow I cast, is an ode to this amorous affair, a tribute to the luminary force that sets my creative spirit ablaze.

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Stay lit

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There’s nothing else to add to that… It’s Beautiful… The picture of the trees introduce the possibilities of what can be created and achieved… Very well done…

Tony Needham

Beautiful story and very “enlightening” 🌈🚨

Paula Satow

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