Falling in Love with Light

Falling in Love with Light

My love affair with light is long, layered, and passionate.

The first time I fell in love with light was in the woods with my dad, looking up at the canopy of layered greens dancing amongst wind and bird songs. The second time was at shabbat with my mom and brother. I would melodically sing the prayer I memorized in Temple and cover my eyes to candles lit by my mother's hands. I would sometimes peek out through my fingers and see the light bounce across their faces and feel the warmth, filling me with immediate nostalgia. The third time I fell was at Scottsdale Community College, and my best friend, Daniel introduced me to theatrical lighting in a way I hadn’t seen before. He taught me to paint the stage with light and when I focused an instrument to a particular spot, he taught me to treat it with love and care. This was intangible art, creating a mood and tone for the entire show that most people overlook, which only made it feel even more special.

Light is magic. Not everyone notices or sees it and every time I do, I feel like I am looking into a secret in that moment that is just for me. When I create art, I try and carry my own point of view into each piece and showcase light because I'm in love. 

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There’s nothing else to add to that… It’s Beautiful… The picture of the trees introduce the possibilities of what can be created and achieved… Very well done…

Tony Needham

Beautiful story and very “enlightening” 🌈🚨

Paula Satow

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