90's Kid

90's Kid

I was born in 1985, so I am a 90’s kid. Growing up RIGHT before cell phones or the internet were accessible to everyone helped me stay grounded in terms of my relationship to technology. I was obsessed with pizza, slap bracelets, Buffy, Boys II men, Nirvana, but of course, TV. I especially loved MTV and educational children’s programs. I grew up with the classics like Wishbone, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, Mister Rogers, Captain Planet, Steve Irwin, The Magic School Bus, and many more amazing shows and games that made learning interactive and exciting. 

The longer we are living in the pandemic world, the more I worry about kids today and how they are growing up. I worry about them and the mediated, political and pandemic-filled world they’re exposed to. I’m hoping my latest collection can serve as a kind of antidote to all this -- celebrating the joining of creativity, entertainment and knowledge with a healthy mix humor with nostalgia. These days, with streaming, most of these shows are again available to the masses. I want to connect parents my age and their children in a way that makes them find a common ground and connection with each other and the world, because isn’t that what it’s all about? 


Check out the Cult Classics Collection for some fun designs for the 90's kid in you. 

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I love this collection so very much! Your motivation to create this collection really speaks to me right now in my life. I know my little babe’s world is very different had he not been born in the mist of all this separation. He doesn’t know his people like I thought he would, he doesn’t know the outside like I thought he would, he doesn’t know elements like I thought he would….. but he knows books, and music, and light, and he knows that people he sees in person he can see on a rectangle from my pocket. He explores the sky and the trees from the windows. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed showing him Mr . Rodgers, and reading rainbow, and the mapper show. They all might just be colors and songs to him but for me they have been our way of exploring the world.


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